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  1. Jan 18,  · Igre iz Srbije Igre iz pirotskog kraja Sopsko kolo i Vlainja Kacerac Caj goro carna Oj, moja ruzo rumena Kraj Vardara Gajde.
  2. Feb 22,  · Yugoslavia-Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Macedonian, Slovene: Jugoslavija; Југославија; "South Slavia" or "Land of the South Slavs" is a term that describes three political entities that existed successively on the western part of Balkan Peninsula in Europe, during most of the 20th century.
  3. Songs: Moj dilbere (Bosnia-Hercegovina). Kolo, Ja posadih vjenac (Serbia). Kolo, Anica ovce čuvala (Serbia). Sastali se caplijinski tatari (Bosnia-Hercegovina). Ti rasturi (Croatia). Sitna kiša rosila (Croatia). Festival song (Macedonia). Wedding kolo and song (Cija je devojka) (Montenegro)Dances: Kolo, Tri putari kolo (Serbia). Kolo (Serbia).
  4. Meaning. Music of Yugoslavia can mean. Music of Kingdom of Yugoslavia ().; Music of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (a state that existed until ) which includes the music of its constituent republics: Socialist Republic of Slovenia, Socialist Republic of Croatia, Socialist Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Socialist Republic of Montenegro, .
  5. Yugoslavia, former federated country that existed in the west-central part of the Balkan Peninsula from until Yugoslavia included what are now six independent states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia. Learn more about Yugoslavia in this article.
  6. Songs and Dances of Yugoslavia is the culmination of musicologist Laura Boulton’s visit to the former SFR Yugoslavia in as part of an American cultural mission. Boulton recorded music from all six republics of the former country that has, as she puts it, a “vigor and vitality beyond the description of words.”.
  7. Yugoslav pop and rock scene includes the pop and rock music of the former SFR Yugoslavia, including all their genres and luenismobecafecourreimindthamenmo.coinfo scene included the constituent republics: SR Slovenia, SR Croatia, SR Bosnia and Herzegovina, SR Montenegro, SR Macedonia and SR Serbia and its subunits: SAP Vojvodina and SAP luenismobecafecourreimindthamenmo.coinfo pop and rock scene was a part of the general Music of Yugoslavia.
  8. Together with Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Vojvodina joined the state, and this uniting was officially announced on December the 1st. In the state of Serbia- Croatia and Slovenia, changed the name and became Yugoslav kingdom, and the period between First and Second World War, today is called: the.
  9. This Folkways compilation includes songs from the six republics of the former Yugoslavia, now independent countries Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Geography made the Balkans a crossroads of cultures, and the region's music reflects Slavic, Christian, and Islamic influences.

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