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  1. Jul 28,  · To fix a scratched CD, first squirt some toothpaste with baking soda in it onto the CD. Then, use a cotton swab to work the toothpaste into any deep scratches. Next, wipe the toothpaste around the disc in a circular motion with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth. Rinse the toothpaste off with cool luenismobecafecourreimindthamenmo.coinfo: M.
  2. Some users have decided to try to fix it themselves by smacking it around a bit. Apparently, there is a gear loose somewhere in the disk drive causing the grinding sound. You can unplug the Xbox One, flip it over, and give it a few good solid whacks in hopes of realigning the gears.
  3. How to Fix a Stuck CD player Tray Repair of the faulty tray mechanism involves removing the CD drive, and this is an extremely complicated task. There may also be high voltages present in the CD player, hence you must not attempt any repairs if you are not a qualified engineer with experience.
  4. Dec 22,  · DVD player wont read dvd or cd repair - Duration: bam , views. How to repair no disk problem in DVD player in easy way - Duration:
  5. A Dream Takes Root. In , C.J. and Bianca founded Fruit World to celebrate and carry on their family legacy of sustainable farming practices and good stewardship of the land.
  6. Dec 26,  · What could cause these static noise besides the above cleaning and how many things you can do to fix it? Further, on an unrelated matter, on my own MD player and my current portable CD player, I have a very similar problem: I use the RCA jack head phone (MDR-V from Sony), when I rotate the gold contact at a certain point, I hear hisshhhhh sound.
  7. Mar 26,  · Use your ears and listen for when you’re reducing too much noise. Nothing sounds worse than over-filtered audio files. Remember, if you pick the right gear from the start, like low-noise microphones and recorders with low-noise preamps, your likelihood of needing noise-reduction will probably decrease a substantial amount.
  8. The lens in the drive may be dirty or covered with dust. This is perhaps why it can't read the disc properly, so it is searching the disc trying to read it. This is the clicking you hear as the lens tracks back and forth. You need to clean the lens using a Q-Tip moistened with IPA 90%+ (Isopropyl Alcohol - available at most electronics parts stores).

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