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  1. I Burial at Fero Memorial Gardens Cemetery E Out of State Burial D Burial at Florida National or Other cemetery El Cremation Services and Niches E l Patriotic Veteran packages El Bereavement Literature I NAME PHONE ADDRESS CITY STATE ZIP Fero Memorial Gardens Cemetery () P.O. Box , Beverly Hills, FL
  2. Quick links: Cassette Drowned – Rehearsal Demo – 40 SEK (Sepulchral Voice Records, ) Elimination – The Dead – 35 SEK Obscure Burial – Epiphany – 45 SEK (Invictus Productions, /15) Obscure Evil ‎– Void Fumes – 45 SEK (Caligari Records, ).
  3. Mar 11,  · View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of Obscure Burial on Discogs.
  4. First rehearsals emerged April , and pawned way for clear target - what to become with the entity called OBSCURE BURIAL. How did you come up with the band´s name? What´s your own vision of an Obscure Burial? The name had been there for few years already before formation, and it was the one that standed out of all other new suggestions.
  5. 1. Introduction to cremation vs burial. Every year more than 50 million people die worldwide. The two main forms of funeral rites adopted by most are either cremation or burial. The Parsis (Zoroastrians) in Mumbai, India, a small community, leave their dead out in the open in the Towers of silence to be consumed by vultures.
  6. Necronium burial platebody is a piece of burial equipment that can be made at a Burial Forge and Anvil. Making this item consumes a necronium platebody + 4 to make the in progress smithing object. Once the progress on the object has been completed, the item is immediately removed from your inventory. This effectively functions as 'no reward high experience' method.
  7. The final burial remained intact against a background of jumble from earlier interments, as shown in this picture (below) from a Jericho tomb (circa BC). Many of the tombs probably belonged to a family group and contained twenty or so bodies, which would cover a few generations.
  8. These guys formed in out of Turku and they’ve been extremely active causing various rumbles within the death / black metal underground. Obscure Burial debuted with the Necrophagous Rehearsals four-track demo soon after their formation, a demo that was later repacked as God’s Abomination and released via Invictus Productions in the same year. And now we have another trip into the realms of hate, war, raw meat .

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