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  1. Looking outside the window at the people waiting at the bus stop, you point over to them and fire the device: Taylor is in shock as she sees the chaotic mixes that occurred: An attractive year-old woman swaps heads with a fat year-old man. A Goth punk swaps his bright red Mohawk for the blue hair in a bun of an old lady.
  2. What superpower would you most like to have? That is the discussion that three friends have while they wait at the bus stop one rainy day after school. Let’s see what they choose. 🚏🚌 This story is suitable for children ages
  3. 7" Single on 45cat: The Kay-Gees - Waiting At The Bus Stop (Part 1) / Waiting At The Bus Stop (Part 2) - Polydor - UK -
  4. The bus stop wasn't busy this morning, probably because I was later than usual going in. One man sitting on the bench caught my eye—I hadn't noticed him before, but now I had, I couldn't look away. Tall, with long legs that were crossed at the knee, his arm casually resting along the back of the bench—he was the very picture of relaxed.
  5. 20 hours ago · "The best way to prevent this is for everyone to do their part," she said, "and know when to stay home." Call IndyStar education reporter Arika Herron at .
  6. Making the bus stop, part 2. 1 2. Keith Tanner MegaDork 6/18/20 a.m. A while back, I built a "little big brake kit" (LBBK) for my Vanagon. That's an upgraded caliper on a stock rotor. I'm now waiting for the finished product so I can get in line for the first group .
  7. Making the bus stop, part 2. 1 2. Keith Tanner MegaDork 7/6/20 p.m. Not quite from scratch - the jaws aren't big enough for a piece of stock that's 5" around, and that's what you'd need if you wanted one out of one-piece billet. We could build one out of a plate welded to a tube, then face it and drill it.

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