1. Jul 11,  · Before I get to the list of essentials, a little backstory. I started splitting time between Paris and Brooklyn 11 months ago — spurred by both the impending burnout of living and working and breathing in New York City for eight years, and my desire to live at least part of my life in a place that values good cheese, wine, and bread as much as I do.
  2. Jul 14,  · In honor of Bastille Day, many an American will be chowing down on greasy French fries tonight, using the excuse of "Hey, it's French independence day" as an excuse to gorge on the tasty fried Author: Katharine Shilcutt.
  3. Aug 20,  · A French Fry Feed is an event wherein huge swarms of people consume french fries simultaneously. The largest in the world, the Potato Bowl, takes place in Grand Forks, North Dakota.
  4. Aug 20,  · Here’s something you might not know about the world’s most famous chain: McDonald’s outsells every other company in the world in terms of luenismobecafecourreimindthamenmo.coinfoimately 7 percent of the potatoes grown in the U.S. meet the same fate: they become McDonald’s french fries. Maybe McDonald’s fries are actually addictive, because people can’t get enough of luenismobecafecourreimindthamenmo.coinfo: Holly Van Hare.
  5. French fries are that great American food that fools its consumers with the perception that their deep fried greasiness is really delicate, with that fancy “French” name. but don’t be fooled. “French” refers to the way the potato is reduced. these potatoes doused in boiling, hot grease and salt are nothing near being a delicacy.
  6. In-N-Out is a staple on the west coast and although their menu might look basic, there's a whole lot of upgrades you can make, even with something as simple as their fries. Some of these you can.
  7. Oct 29,  · 11) Those unhealthy fats in French fries aren't just contributing to clogged arteries — on a less serious (but still concerning) note, they are clog your pores and cause acne breakouts. if you want to be healthier, lose weight, and keep your skin clear, French fries are one of the first foods you should banish from your diet.
  8. Feb 18,  · The English verb fry is ambiguous: it can refer to both to sautéing and to deep-fat frying, while the French "pommes frites" ("fried potatoes") refers unambiguously to deep frying. Some feel that the word "french" in "french fries" is refers to the verb "to french", which means "to cut in thin lengthwise strips before cooking" (Merriam-Webster.

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